Null/Void - '101' and '102'

3 years ago

Join us this week with a podcast about capitalism and corporate overreach, and how it insidiously makes its way into our lives and takes over -- it's Null/Void by Cole Burkhardt.

Like what you hear? Us too. You can learn more about Null/Void on Cole's website.

Content Warnings: Detailed inner thoughts of depression and self-hate, mentions of death and suicide, and a brief deadly traffic incident and descriptions of its aftermath.

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This episode of Radio Drama Revival was recorded in the unceded territory of the Kalapuya people, the Clatskanie Indian Tribe, the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, and the Atfalati tribe. Colonizers named this place Beaverton, Oregon.

If you are looking for ways to support or donate to Native communities, the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society are seeking donations to build a new center. KAFS offers many services and programs for urban-located Indigenous people, such as healthcare initiatives, outreach programs for children and youths, childcare, food hamper and nutrition programs. You can support them at, which is linked in the episode description.